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    A south Texas farm dedicated to Arabian Horse Racing.
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  • Top Arabian Mares
    Bred to International Sires
  • From 100% Proven Bloodlines
    Three Year Olds in Training at Delaware Park
    Yearlings and Two Year Olds in Texas
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What We Do

Arabian Horse Breeding

"Quality over quantity, run it like a business and always think of your herd as building a great athletic team" is a philosophy learned from our mentors. The solid foundation for Uptown Arabians was set by acquiring exceptional broodmares and top breedings.

Raising young stock

Our horses are our passion. We love the Arabian breed because of their speed, refinement, endurance and  strong bones. "I definitely feel a connection with all of our horses having spent many hours working with each and every one of them since foaling."- Krista Henningsgard

Working for the Horse industry

Jon Henningsgard serves on the board of directors for Texas Arabian Breeders Association. He is also a liaison for the state of Texas with the U.S. National Arabian Horse Racing Organization, the Arabian Jockey Club.

Arabian track Racing

Texas is home to three class-one paramutual horse racing tracks for Arabian Horses, and Uptown Ranch also races outside the state of Texas at Delaware Park.

Endurance riding and Show

Uptown Ranch horses are not only fast, they are beautiful Arabians suitable for the show ring and with heart and temperament excellent for endurance riding.

Sales and Partnerships

Our horses are our passion. It is easy  connect with a breed that is quick to learn and willing to please - wonderful traits of these amazing animals and, not coincidentally, of the participants in our industry. We welcome newcomers to be part of the Arabian Horse Racing Worldwide family.

a few of our favorites

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What We Think - and what's thought about us

It’s clear the people we have met involved in the Arabian racing business are special people and have welcomed us with open arms. Jon Henningsgard
Jon and Krista are the kind of people one wants to work with: Bright, personable, enthusiastic and Smart. They will help a newbie or an experienced horsemen. Claudia Spears, Mentor
Uptown Arabians in Waller, Texas just outside of Houston, has "the right stuff". A talent and determination with tenacity to succeed at breeding exceptional horses...Claudia K Spears, Willis, Texas
They have an excellent breeding Vet, on premises, to compliment their team. They are flexible and when they see a need, jump in with both feet.

Uptown Advantages

Features of Uptown Arabians

Location location location

Uptown Arabians is located 37 miles NW of Sam Houston Race Park in Houston, Texas

Professional Support

Breeding veterinarian on premises, Dr. Marcus Hudka DVM

Well Thought Facilities

Twenty-five acres of hay, barns, breeding lab, arena with lights, round pen, wooded paddocks and runs

Rich heritage

Famous horses from famous parentage, and anticipating more upcoming foals from the best stallions in the world

Get Racing with Uptown

We want to see you involved and share in the fun. Explore the possibilities. Schedule a visit.

We work hard to insure Arabian Horse Racing and Breeding are a sustainable industry. Jon serves on the board of Directors for TABA and is a liaison between Texas and the Arabian Jockey Club
Involved with breeding of classic HARC horses and with standard modern race lines
Come with us to the races and let us show you how much fun we have